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Educational institutions are facing a new paradigm of challenges in the upcoming decades.

Our search practice has an outstanding reputation of bringing exceptional education leaders to universities from both industry and academia.

Our methodology of working with and assisting search committees in finding the best qualified candidates is designed to enhance the search process, maximize a highly qualified diverse candidate pool, and bring a successful and effective conclusion to the search process.

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Our work has placed university;

  • Presidents
  • Senior financial and administrative officers
  • Deans
  • Future leaders


Do your teams feel empowered to acquire the right talent?

We understand that effective, strategic, empowering management is critical in the highly competitive field of higher education.

Today’s higher education leaders more than ever require a diverse set of skills and experiences. Economics today require aggressive, strategic leadership, fresh approaches and sophisticated fundraising skills to sustain and advance their academic and research programs.

Our proven track record of working strategically with diverse complex search committees will enhance the process of hiring the right talent to enhance your institution.



Diversity is no longer an initiative to strive for but an integral part of the world we live in. Businesses and organizations recognize that a diverse integrated community supports an open inclusive culture that can spawn innovation, creativity, and success.

Our commitment to our clients is to continue our practice of providing a diverse pool of highly qualified candidates, helping our clients achieve an exceedingly competent team that reflects and serves the evolving global face of commerce, industry, and trade.

JKL Partners’ Diversity expertise is unparalleled. We have conducted literally hundreds of diversity-related engagements both domestically and globally in a wide variety of functional areas including Boards, “C” suite, strategic hires, and future leaders.

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