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JKL Partners is uniquely qualified to assist your company in its Employer Branding. Joan Lucarelli is a former Professor of Marketing and Brand Management at Boston University School of Management.

We are true experts in brand and the digital space.

We are ready to guide you through the overwhelming task of articulating, optimizing, activating, and sending your employment message out into the world.

JKL skills and experience

Value Proposition

We get to know your company from the inside out. It is critical to understand your company’s, short and long term goals and objectives, perceptions, realities, and market drivers.

It is important to understand your Employee Value Proposition, your current brand position, understand your communications tactics, and strategies to help mobilize candidates and your employees.

We determine your target audiences hot buttons and then develop a through strategy that will include digital/social environment, outreach, all the while working with your team to mold a strategy to attract the right future leaders.


In many cases a critical component overlooked by many is the development of a culture to sell potential leaders and future leaders on your Company.

Too many Companies do not sell themselves to future leaders and lose the opportunity to engage the right talent.

Does your management team know how to develop a sales culture within your human resources function?

Selling the world on why your company is the right place to grow and prosper is an overlooked critical component in acquiring the right Human Capital.

Digital footprint

Current employees – We work with your team to integrate employer brand development, digital application, improvement of the actual employment experience, and employee communications into a strategic whole that makes sense and delivers measurable results.

Future Leaders – It is not only what you say but how you reach your audience in today’s digital age that is critical. Today, you must connect interactively with your future leaders. You must reach out to your audience rather than waiting for them to come to you. Today you need social strategies and mobile applications that position your message in their hands.


If your answer to any of the questions below call JKL Partners for a value solution.

  • Does your company’s reporting include HR benchmarking?
  • Do you have an HR dash board to keep you abreast of current trends?
  • Do your current HR reporting matrix align with your global goals and objectives?
  • Does senior management have the tools necessary to make astute HR business decisions?
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