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sourcing future leaders


The risks from a bad hire at senior levels are significant. The JKL methodology assists in pinpointing critical areas of focus to create the conditions for leadership success.


Working in collaboration with our clients to discover the real challenges facing new and future leaders to enhance the success of our clients. Your success is our focus


Your success requires JKL to understand your current talent assets and source leaders to solve both today’s and tomorrow’s critical issues. This is a collaborative effort.


Retaining Human capital is critical. We assist in aligning the goals and objectives of both the Company and employee. We understand this evolving continuum.

diversityA message from Joan Lucarelli

As leaders in talent acquisitions JKL Partners blends executive search with our future leaders consulting practice.

How we all communicate has and is changing how we work.  How we work changes the characteristics of future leaders.  Our role as human resource strategy consultants has changed and will continue to evolve. We are working closer than ever with our clients to assist them in dealing with new media, branding, and operational improvements to better assist them in meeting their goals and objectives.

JKL Partners works with its clients to solve their problems from Board and CEO searches to Employer Branding. We actively work with our clients to solve their business problems continuously.  It truly is a collaborative effort.

Through our Consulting Practice we team with our clients to attract, develop, empower, and retain outstanding individuals.  For over 20 years JKL Partners has assisted its clients in finding the right talent.

What JKL does

A Blend of Art and Science - Our core business is identifying and assessing outstanding executives and recruiting them into senior leadership roles anywhere in the world.
We work in a collaborative basis with a proven track record of improving recruitment, workforce planning, talent communication, employer brand, and candidate assessment and selection process
Connecting with potential future leaders in a way they understand it
Our Search Methodology is a systematic and proven approach to ensure that the candidates we present to your company are of the highest caliber and fit well within your organization’s culture.