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Why JKL Partners:

Mission based organizations need Talent with a shared vision that adds value.

JKL has successfully brought it’s clients value through providing enhanced Talent in the United States and around the globe.

The depth of our practice is extraordinary and changes as demand changes for Talent. The Firm is focused on servicing Mission based organizations and specializes in their uniqueness. On a functional basis, we have sourced Boards, “C suite”, Vice Presidents, Directors, and Future Leaders.

Who We Serve

JKL Partners is a Talent acquisition firm with a concentration on mission-focused and no-profit organizations.

The Firm has been sourcing the right Talent for over two decades.

Our Services Include:

We provide a full array of Talent Acquisition services to execute your mission.

Our value add consulting services include:

  • Improving talent acquisition operations

  • Talent development

  • Mentoring

  • Diversity planning and execution

We work with our clients to enhance the HR recruiting function.  Client Relationship Management (CRM) provides a structure to brand the company for the talent acquisition market.  This encompasses employer branding, pipeline development, channel strategy, and segmentation and positioning.  We work with our clients teams in developing a successful recruiting function that adds the right talent to meet the goals and mission of the organization.

We work with you to clarify your organization’s business strategy and translate it into an operating model, structure, and processes – all with your people and culture in mind.

Help your people exceed their potential, so the organization can unlock theirs.

Understand the talent you have and the talent you need

Establish, develop and teach recruiting techniques

Establish  benchmarking and goals

Establish ethics and culture

This is usually done as part of our inhouse recruiting training process.  Your team learns first hand how to recruit, attract, and sell your organization throughout the globe.  Your organization vision, image and culture must transcend around the globe.

JKL integrates into your team. We mentor and assist in developing your talent acquisition team while sourcing the right talent